Saturday, May 10, 2008

...The Wind Knocked Out Of Me...

Ever get that feeling, where you're stunned and that feeling where all the air in your body got sucked out with such efficiency that you're left feeling tighter on the insides?

I get that feeling from time to time, especially when I feel like I fucked something up, big time.

I won't go into details, but this wash of horribleness is all over me and I can't shake it. I know things will be ok, and in a sense this is just kind of a test of a person's mettle and commitment, but all in all, I can't help feeling like a total piece of shit.

I'll get over it. It's out there.

1 comment:

Angry Ballerina said...

I TOLD you not to stick those tweezers in the electrical socket.
But nooooooooo, you had to go n do it anyway.