Thursday, May 15, 2008

Finding The Balance

I've never had an easy time balancing best friends and girlfriends. I want to say that I've always been the "bros before hoes" kinda guy, but in reality, it's always been the girl over the guys, and luckily for me the guys that are still my friends understand that and accept/respect it.

But the situation I find myself in lately is that between me and The Lady, there's the RM. Normally this wouldn't be such a big deal, only the RM has ... no one else to hang out with. All his other friends are the guys we work with, and he's not of age to go hang out at a bar or anything. Basically it kinda becomes baby sitting.'s kinda sad when The Lady and I retreat back into my bedroom to have some private time together that he kinda follows us. And I feel like a total heel closing the door on him. IAt the age of 26 and 23 it's like we've become the parents to a fully grown 19 year old.

I realize I'm under no obligation to hang out with him or even be nice to him, but the poor bastard is pretty much my best friend here on the Hook. We laugh our asses off at stupid shit and he's a genuine kinda guy. This all adds up to me feeling like an asshole for wanting to blow him off to spend time with the girlfriend.

I present this case to the court: The RM wants to go to Fenway tomorrow afternoon to get some Military-only Sox tix to see them play the Brewers at 1905. Normally this would be a no brainer, and we'd go. Only thing is, that A) I'm pretty burnt out from this week. B) I have barely spent any time with The Lady, who's stressing out over "life shit" and really could use my physical support right now. 3) I can only stand the RM for maybe a handful of hours before I want to slowly choke him or hold him under water in a porcelain tub until the bubbles and thrashing stops. 4) It's going to make for a long day (in hindsight, this should've been "C"), The RM wants to get to The Fens at like 1300 and get a bite to eat and walk around Boston for a bit, where we'd do nothing but WALK, because he can't get into a bar. And by the time the game's over and we're back on The Hook, it's going to be probably after midnight, providing the game runs it's usual 9 innings and nothing spectacular like extra innings goes down.

Plus I have a doctor's appointment here in town, AND, I want to do some work on my bike and maybe try to get in a ride before the weather turns to shit this weekend, as it's being forcasted to do.

So what do I do? If I take my RM up on his plans, I shirk The Lady and my own physical/mental well being. If I pass, I look like a douche to the RM and to Red Sox Nation.

Argh, I'm building a fort in my bedroom and never coming back out.


Angry Ballerina said...

But....Ya kinda a douche anyway......

Faded said...

I know Angry has at least ONE loser slut friend ya'll can put off on this bastard.

You give him one, and when he fucks it up- then you can blame all future situations on his inability to hang on to one dumb slut.

At least, thats how I ditch my loser friends.

Angry Ballerina said...

Fade, don't give him any ideas. And all the sluts I know have HPV

James. said...

Ahh... ahem, uh... yeah. Well, uh.... ok.