Tuesday, July 8, 2008

G-Dub's Itinerary for July 8th, 2007

It's not like our current President has much to do now-a-days, since all the focus is on the up coming election. So what does he do all day? I was handed this exclusive itinerary from a confidential source. Check it out.

0945- Just wakin' up, tell Laura to get us some coffee, the Mini Page, and to let the dog out.

1030- Half-way finish my Sodoku For Kids, decide on which tie to where with what suit.

1130- Finish getting dressed, pick out blue tie with gray suit. Laura makes me put the brown shit kickers back.

1200- Send out one of the guys to get some wings from Hooters for lunch. At the same time, have Mitch in Secret Services drive by Arianna Huffinton's house all slow-like a few times. Heh-heh.

1245- Write letter on Presidential Stationary to FOX News, ask why they haven't picked up that Colbert fella from Comedy Central yet. He's good.

1315- Log on to WOW, try to build my Elf Paladin to level 75.

1555- Call up the girls, ask if they're still virgins.

1610- Walk down to the basement and see if Dick's battery needs to be changed out.

1705- Reorganize 'Top Friends' on my Myspace page, move McClellen to bottom of list!

1730- Dinner in front of tv

1845- Browse craigslist for fishing poles, new aids.

1930- Have someone explain to me what 'Katrina' was all about anyway, make plans to stand next to some sand bags in midwest flood zones for pictures.

2000- Private viewing of new Indiana Jones movie in theater, try to put moves on Laura during the boring parts.

2200- Call England, see what Tony's been up to. Rip on that new guy that took his job.

2245- Lights out, sleep with clear conscience.

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Angry Ballerina said...

Ha! Nice, I needed that.