Monday, March 31, 2008

I Can't Figure Out If This Gets Filed Under "Kharma" or "Revenge."

Unless you live under a rock and don't receive cable or maybe you're capable of reading, you'd be wholly unaware of the abominal manifestation of materialism and greed that is Mtv's "My Super Sweet 16."

My readers will note that this is not the first time I've made mention of this show in one of my articles. But today I'm writing because of an article in the New York Times which I feel is worthy enough to be brought to the attention of my fans - who I presume find MSS16 the most unholy of televised programmes.

In said article (you'll find it below) the featured teenager gushes (no pun intended) that her daddy is an oil baron in the middle of WhoCares, Ky, and with all the oil he pumps out of the ground, he uses to buy her Louis Vuitton hand bags and BMW coups.

Well, when all of this was going down, someone from the Securities and Exchange Commission took notice and realized that this darling brat's father was scamming people on fake-ass oil company stocks or whatever. You'll read it in the article.

Savor it.

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