Sunday, March 30, 2008

Danica Patrick

It's been three years since Danica Patrick broke the "gender barrier" in Indy Car racing. For those of you - like me - who don't really care, I guess it's something like breaking the "color barrier" in NASCAR? ...Something like that?

So after three years of racing, she's yet to win a single race. Yet, every time there's a commercial on ESPN or ABC for an Indy race, she's got top billing. In essence, she's become the Anna Kornikova of left hand turns.

Honestly, I don't care about Danica Patrick, and probably most of America would concur with that sentiment. So I think, after three winless years, we can probably allow Ms. Patrick to slowly fade into mediocricy, a sports figure-also ran (literally and figuratively), a gimmicky flash in pan to revitalize a sport no one in this country cares about.

Other members of the "Who Cares" All-Star Team include:

Previously mentioned Anna Kornikova
David Beckham
Barbaro the horse/roast beef sandwich
Bam Margera

Maybe they can all sit around watching highlight reels that don't feature them.

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