Monday, June 2, 2008

On The Road: The Mondays

Anyone can hate mondays. Mondays are universially loathed because its the roughest part of the week; its a cold start- you spend the day looking up an almost insurmontable everest of a week that towers over you like a school yard bully blinking sweat out of his pinpricks for eyes.

What makes mondays even worse if you have to deal with people. Co-workers, upset girlfriends, blog comment posters blindly taking a side opposite yours in a one-sided rant only to score the points you lost today over something dumb you said.

Its hard to concentrate knowing someones so mad at you that they won't even return a text.

Sigh. I tell myself that the days almost over. Ill have an early morning but it doesn't matter.

I doubt that I'll be sleeping anyway.

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Angry Ballerina said...

Hey asshole-

Love you.